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Elite Driving Tuition offer intensive driving courses for all those choosing to learn to drive in the Medway Towns.


Intensive courses are proven to be successful at providing learners with all the skills necessary to pass their test and become safe, competent drivers. The amount of time spent intensively learning depends on your experience. If you have just failed your test, and need extra learning on a few key factors, a 10 hour course should suffice. For those with no experience at all, the 28 hour course is recommended.

Intensive courses to see you through your driving test

  • 10 hour intensive courses for learners who have recently failed a driving test - a chance to address the issues that materialised in your test

  • 15 hour intensive courses - perfect for those who have some, but mostly little, experience

  • 20 hour intensive courses for those with very limited experience

  • 28 hour intensive courses for learners with no experience at all

Which course should you choose?

"My neighbour suggested going with Elite for my driving lessons and I'm glad I did. He is a very good instructor and I passed first time. I also suggested that my friend go with Elite and she passed first time too. Definitely suggest anyone learning to drive to learn with Elite."


Thinking about going down the intensive route? Call

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Intensive driving courses to all in Medway - from Rainham and Rochester.