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vehicles parked nose to kern marked out diagonal parking bays

Most of us know at least one driver who avoids reverse or parallel parking at all costs. How many times have you driven around the block searching for somewhere to park, because the one available space is "too tight", when deep down you know that it shouldn't be difficult to accomplish?


Our parking and complex area driving lessons give you the confidence to park and make other complex manoeuvres in small spaces, where there may be lots of other parked vehicles around impeding your progress, or on very busy roads.

Parking and complex area driving lessons

  • Parallel parking

  • Reverse parking

  • Getting into and out of tight parking spaces

  • U-turns and three point turns on small roads and spaces

  • Making manoeuvres on very busy roads

What do the lessons include?

"Thank you for helping to boost my confidence to enable me to pass my test. I now seem to be used as the family taxi. Thank you."


Are you avoiding the fact that you lack the confidence to reverse park?

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