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Did you pass your driving test, but haven't actually been behind the wheel for several months, or even years? Have you lost confidence in your ability to drive on busy roads, at night or on motorways?


Driving when you don't feel up to the task can prove to be dangerous. At Elite Driving Tuition, we know full well that you already possess the skills required to be a safe driver. It's just a matter of going back over the basics, honing your skills further and re-building your confidence. That's why you should book yourself in for our refresher driving courses.

Refresher driving lessons

  • Night driving

  • Motorway driving

  • Handling roundabouts

  • Parking (including reverse parking)

  • Knowing your traffic signs

  • Speed awareness

  • Driving in adverse weather conditions

Refresher courses cover:

"Many thanks for all your patience in getting me through my driving test. I took your advice and went out on my own the same day. Will contact you soon about doing Pass Plus."


Feel you need a brush up before you hit the road again?

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