Our Pass Plus course includes a whole module on Motorway Driving and you may already have been on a Motorway during a driving lesson, but you still might want to hone your skills even further. Doing a 2-hour lesson we can take you towards Gatwick Airport via the M20, the M26, the M25, and the M23. It’s a really good lesson using one of the busiest Motorways in Europe.
Whatever your experience of Motorway driving it’s important to understand that they are unlike any other road. They will have 2 or more lanes and there can be high volumes of traffic moving at different speeds. There could be many large lorries, like in the picture above and they have signs which are only used on Motorways. The sign in the picture is at Junction 27 on the M1. The exit is for Manchester and Barnsley using the A 628. Motorway signs are always Blue. Sometimes you will see a road sign in brackets (M2) this means you are in the direction towards the M2, but not on it yet.
From anywhere in Medway there is easy access to the M2 or M20 from Rochester, Chatham, and Gillingham.
Learner drivers are now allowed to drive on a Motorway with a fully qualified instructor who will display a Green, not Pink certificate (a trainee) and who has dual controls in the car. This law changed in June 2018 so now gives learner drivers a taste of Motorway driving. Prior to this date, only those who passed their practical test were allowed to drive on Motorways.
At Elite Driving Tuition we will respond to your specific needs. You might never have driven on a Motorway at all, or you might just need your confidence improving a little.

Before we move onto the Motorway there are some important things to discuss first:

  • Overtaking.
  • Merging with other Motorways.
  • Motorway fatigue.
  • Breakdown procedure.
  • Use of Lights including hazard warning lights.
  • Planning a journey in advance.

As well as thinking about the items above, when we get onto a Motorway there are some important things to Practice:

  • Overtaking PSL MSM.
  • Leaving and Joining Motorways.
  • Merging with Motorways.
  • Effective observation, behind, to front near, middle and distance.
  • Being aware of your blindspots.
  • Understanding Signs, Signals and Markings.

So why not book a Motorway lesson with us? Call Jeremy for more details or to book a Motorway lesson.

Refresher lessons

  • At Elite Driving Tuition we tailor refresher lessons to your personal needs.
  • The number of lessons needed will depend on how long ago it was that you last drove a car and exactly what your needs are.
  • Some customers may just want a few things covered whilst others might need to go back to the beginning and to basic principles
  • Some may just require a specific element dealt with; Parking, Country Lanes, Dual Carriageways or Motorways.
  • In Rochester, Chatham, Gillingham and Rainham we have everything we need from a multi-storey car park to a Motorway.
  • The decision about being ready to “go it alone” is yours to make, but our instructors will take a responsible view about your decision. Past experience shows that at some stage you and your instructor will agree that you are ready.

Whatever your needs our instructors are here to help you. You have a choice whether to use our dual-controlled cars, without L plates or to use your own vehicle if you have one. It will obviously need to be insured and mechanically sound having a valid MOT certificate if it is over 3 years old. You may decide to have some lessons in our dual-controlled cars before moving on to your own. It’s totally up to you,

So do you need help with anything? Give Jeremy a call, text, or email to discuss your needs and to book if you decide to proceed.

Other Lessons

In addition to Motorway or Refresher lessons we do offer some other types of lesson:

  • Training for the Institute of Advanced Motorist Test (IAM) this test requires you to make positive progress with safety and awareness. It is driving at a very high standard.
  • Conversion from non-EEC countries to gain the UK licence.
  • Taxi training. Some local authorities require prospective taxi drivers to take a test. Such a test is not carried out by the DVSA but by the local authority concerned.
  • Conversion from automatic to manual. You might find yourself being offered a job that requires you to drive a manual vehicle. This conversion will require you to take a manual test.
  • Sat Nav training. Learner drivers are taught and tested on these but you may not feel confidant to use them by yourself or if you have not had any training. They can be quite dangerous. Voluntary lessons as mitigation for a serious road offence such as Careless Driving.
  • Training if you are having to take an extended test by order of a Magistrate. This is not easy. It has 20 roundabouts to deal with – nasty. You will need help to pass one of these double-length tests lasting 1 hour & 20 minutes.
    Call Jeremy to find out more or to book.