Operating Zone

Based in the Medway Towns, most of our driving lessons are done in Rochester, Chatham, Gillingham, Rainham and surrounding areas. We use the Gillingham Test Centre near Tescos and Dobbies Garden Centre on Hoath Lane in Rainham Mark.

Our main coverage area is shown by the blue map, being our standard zone for collecting and returning our customers.
Its Borders are:

  • From the East at Otterham Quay Lane, to the right on the map
  • From the South by the M2 Motorway, to the bottom of the map.
  • From the North and to the East, shown on the top and left on the map, along the Lower Rainham Road, towards the Medway Tunnel and up to St. Mary’s Island then following the line of the river to Rochester Esplanade and up the Rochester Maidstone Road to the Bridgewood Roundabout. Not into Borstal or Bluebell Village.

The yellow zone can only be used when instructors have the time and space to do so. The length of your lesson may need to be longer to allow us to get you towards the Gillingham Test Centre where you would be likely to go on your test. The problem of this zone is negotiating the river between Rochester and Strood as there are often delays due to the weight of traffic.
It is fair to say that we will very rarely, if ever, be able to cover this area.

We try to broaden your experience, so we don’t just stick to test routes. We can take you through the Medway Tunnel and onto the fast dual carriageways on the Wainscott Bypass and, subject to your decision, onto the Motorway back to Chatham or Gillingham. In a 2 hour lesson, we can take you towards Gatwick Airport using the M20, M26, and M25 though it is totally your decision to do it. It’s a really good lesson and great fun too!

Did you know that learner drivers are now allowed on Motorways as long as you are with a qualified driving instructor in a car fitted with dual controls? It is not compulsory though and it doesn’t form part of your test. We will always ask you if you want to do it and it will only be offered when we both feel that you are ready.

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