Pass Plus

Pass Plus Consists of 6 modules which must be of at least 1 hour in duration. these modules are:
1) Introduction & Town Driving
2) All Weather Driving
3) Night Driving
4) Ouf of Town Driving
5) Dual Carriageways
6) Motorways

Lessons 1 & 6 must be done in that order but the others can be done in any order.
The Nightime module is awkward to schedule at certain times of the year. In the summer it doesn’t get dark until very late 22.00Hrs or even 23.00 Hrs. The lesson has to be done with full lights.
The All Weather module is also awkward to schedule. Ideally very low, bright sun or rain is needed. If these conditions aren’t prevalent a theory session can be done.

Why Do a Pass Plus Course?

  • As a newly qualified driver, you are vulnerable due to a lack of experience. Some newly-qualified drivers put a green L or P plate in the back of their car’s, in the hope that the driver behind will give them some extra space and be more patient, but I’m afraid they won’t. These signs are not compulsory in the UK and my advice is not to use one. Doing so just singles you out as being newly qualified and drivers behind you may make use of your lack of experience and make you even more vulnerable. Doing a Pass Plus course with us will help you gain some of the experience you lack.
  • Statistics have shown that a newly qualified driver is up to 40% more likely to have a blameworthy accident.
  • It is not age-related it is a lack of experience that is the problem, however, most newly qualified drivers will be in the 17 to 20 age range. This is why insurance premiums are so high for novice drivers.
  • Doing a Pass Plus course demonstrates a responsible attitude by taking these extra lessons which insurance companies like.
  • As a reward participating Motor Vehicle Insures could give you a discount. It can be possible to get a discount as much as the cost of your Pass Plus. which is £210.00. It will need a little bit of research to find the insurer who gives you the best discount.
  • Not all driving instructors are qualified or registered to teach Pass Plus.
  • At Elite Driving Tuition, Jeremy is qualified to do it.

Why not give Jeremy a call to find out more or to book a course?