Price List

Our prices are all based on a 1 hour lesson, or multiples thereof, with just you and the instructor in the car.

For a 1 hour lesson, the cost is £32.00. Saturdays are £33.00 per hour Sundays and Bank Holidays are £34.00 per hour. Evening lessons after 5.00 PM are £33.00 an hour.

To obtain a discounted price a block booking is available. A block of 5 lessons, paid in advance, costs £150.00 (Saturdays £155.00)
10 lessons, paid in advance for £320.00 with 11th lesson free! (Saturdays £330.00)
Both of these are one-time only introductory offers for new customers.

Saturday, Sunday and Bank Holiday lessons are a premium price of £33.00 an hour for Saturdays with Sundays and Bank Holidays being £34.00 per hour.

Pass Plus is a 6-hour course, paid in advance, which costs £210.00.

Refresher, Taxi, Parking, and Motorway lessons are charged at the premium hourly rate currently £33.00.


We can take cash or card payments, in the car, by cashapp or by bank transfer. Bank transfer is always preferred.

Call or text Jeremy on 07721 007775

Short Terms and Conditions.
1 Driving Instructor
1.1 I am a self-employed independent driving instructor and am not employed by another school when providing driving tuition under these Terms and Conditions; and
1.2 I am registered with the DVSA as an Approved Driving Instructor (ADI) and my registration is up to date. I shall display my current DVSA ADI registration certificate in any vehicle that I use for a lesson and it will be kept up to date.

2 My Obligations
I shall, at all times:
2.1 Use reasonable endeavours to arrive with you on time.
2.2 Use reasonable endeavours to train you to a high standard, but I shall not be responsible for errors made by you.
2.3 Be professional and courteous to you and other road users.
2.4 Act in accordance with the law.

3 Your Obligations; You must hold a valid UK driving licence (either full or provisional)
3.1 You should bring your licence with you to every lesson.
3.2 You must be able to read a number plate from 20 metres.
3.3 You must wear prescription glasses or contact lenses if you need them.
3.4 You must wear a seat belt and wear a facemask for COVID. The instructor or examiner will do so as well.

4 Vehicles and Insurance
4.1 All vehicles will be fitted with dual controls, be roadworthy, taxed, have a valid MOT certificate (where required) and are fully insured for driving lessons.

5 Driving Tests
5.1 On the day of your driving test it is usual for you to use my car. It is also usual to have a 1-hour lesson before the test. This allows us to travel towards the Gillingham Test Centre and to have a practice session on the reversing exercises and if time allows, (we mustn’t be late) some of the roundabouts near the test centre, for instance, the big 3 lane roundabout which is known as Tescos, its correct name actually is Bowaters.
5.2 On your test you are totally responsible for the safety of the vehicle, the examiner, yourself, pedestrians, and all other road users. As such YOU not the examiner will collect fines or penalties. The examiner is exempt and not duty-bound to help to prevent you from making such errors, which could cause you to collect a fine or penalty, though in practice they usually will. Any such intervention, either verbally or physically, would cause you to fail the test. So it is literally in your hands as to whether you pass or fail.

This is just a snapshot of our full terms and conditions which you will get from your instructor on your first lesson.